First UK Non-Political Party

Immigration – how to address immigration


A complex issue but NONPOL has a simple answer. We would declare a ‘State of National Emergency’ allowing us to legally engage our military. We would recall all our non-critical military back to the UK to patrol our borders 24/7. We would then set up a huge army tented area in a remote location such as the Yorkshire Moors, like those seen on MASH. The army would feed and house the legal immigrants, thereby emptying the hotels. This legal immigration workforce would build a University Campus where they would all learn English and a Trade. They would build toilets and showers first, then the dormitories and finally all the classrooms. Once they have earned a GCSE in English and Maths and a certificate in a trade, we would give them a National Insurance Number, passport, job and place to live. We would then calculate how much it has cost us to feed, cloth, house and teach them and all this money would be paid back, similar to a student loan or through their tax-code. In time Immigration would become a revenue stream. How would we pay for it? The current high cost of our military logistics in exotic or unnecessary regions would be redirected to this project as the troops come home. The illegal immigrants, who by definition have broken the law, would go to a similar army camp in remotest Scotland and build prisons to house them until they were deported to their home country. This would manage the current illegal immigrants and deter future illegal immigrants. Anyone coming illegally in the boats, would be bio-metrically registered and be refused legal immigration status; again providing a deterrent. Besides turning Immigration into a revenue stream, we would have a well trained and eager workforce to help the UK economy to go 24/7, which is our major economic goal, see our manifesto on the economy.