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How to Stop WW3 (Video Transcript)

With Biden’s aggressive Military Industrial Complex, the current state of war in the Ukraine, the UK’s close military alignment with the US and now Germany, Sweden joining Nato and the pseudo-Russian and China pact, the world is on the brink of world war three. With further hostilities in the Gulf of Aiden, the human crisis in Israel, the world is on a military footing and a few mistakes away from global war. With the UK’s 225 nuclear warheads, the US moving nuclear warheads into Nato, China’s 500, and growing, nuclear warhead arsenal and Putin threating nuclear war, this badly played chess game means the UK is now a nuclear target. We can’t beat the Military Industrial complex or Russia or China so we need to take drastic action to ensure millions of UK citizens are not murdered as a result of wars we have been dragged into.  We at NONPOL have a plan to stop UK citizens from being nuked. Firstly, we need to remove ourselves from NATO and the United Nations, cool our military relationship with the US and like Switzerland declare neutrality to the world. We need to disengage from every conflict and bring all our troops home to regroup and protect our borders, like the Swiss.  We need to take the lead and initiate a world-wide pact to encourage more countries to declare neutrality and build a global peace keeping force that works and can’t be vetoed. A more detailed breakdown of the current crisis is covered in our long video under our manifesto for Global Issues.