Introducing a whole new political concept - UP POLITICS -

First UK Non-Political Party

Introducing a whole new political concept

Taking the 'Politics' out of 'politics'

What is 'Politics' and What is 'politics'?

‘politics’ (from GreekΠολιτικάpolitiká, ‘affairs of the cities’) is the set of activities that are associated with making decisions in groups, or other forms of power relations between individuals, such as the distribution of resources or status. The branch of social science that studies politics and government is referred to as political science. NONPOL defines ‘politics‘ as the science of running a country to the benefits of its citizens.

‘Politics’, however, is the game of using the power relations over individuals or organisations to get your own way or to achieve an advantage financially, career-wise or improved status, no matter the cost to the populous. Have you ever heard of a poor Prime Minister? 

NONPOL defines ‘Politics‘ as the science of Politicians using their power for their benefit first and the electorate second.

It is the abuse of Political power in the power games played by Politicians, which has lead to the huge mistrust and lack of belief in our political system and it’s players. Famously, abolitionist Wendell Phillips declared “we do not play politics; anti-slavery is no half-jest with us”; ‘politics’ as a methodology can work very well for a Government if you remove the corruption part, or as we call it ‘Politics’. NONPOL simply wants to take the Politics out of politics. We want to be project managers for Government, not Politicians for Government.

Bring Respect and Integrity Back to Our Political System

The Pandora Papers confirm how much dodgy money there is in Politics. Individuals and Corporations want to buy power. We believe the political system is suffering from Politics and it is time to restore respect and integrity, and at the same time update the currently outdated system. We have the chance here in the UK to fix the Politics in politics. Politicians represent the people, not themselves or corporations. It is a privilege and an honour to be a politician and each MP must protect the interests of the public at all costs. Read more about our views on politics HERE.

Besides being a new party, we are a realistic and balanced party. We won’t get everything right, but we are not frightened to put our hand up and say we have made a mistake or now understand things better. We will always be open to learn from others, especially other parties that have brilliant ideas. We firmly believe that we can best grow from lessons learned, rather than sticking to strict ideals. This attitude puts us above all other mainstream parties that are constrained by their political views,  stances and ideologies. Without these restrictions, we can be very flexible and adjust to the ever-changing global and local environments, events and situations.

From the beginning, we will always provide transparency when explaining changes to any policies or ideas in our manifesto; a manifesto should evolve and not be held as a gun to someone’s head. As new national and international reports are released, fresh evidence and facts come to light, or as we learn by bringing in more knowledgeable people, we will change our ideas and views in order to constantly improve and optimise our efforts to ‘Fix the UK’. Our policies, ideas and manifesto are created through a collaborative process, contributed to by specialists, party members, generalists, critical thinkers, fair minds, intellects and common sense. 

Flexibility, honesty and self-realisation are very powerful tools that few parties have today, but we intend to bring these values with us. NONPOL aims to take politics out of government and, by the use of great neutral minds, introduce common sense, intelligence, honesty and collaboration into building an exciting and refreshing future. We are currently designing a manifesto on how we can do this.

Not a Single-Agenda Political Party

We have a full and extensive manifesto that stands up against all of the top political parties. We also have very new and fresh ideas on how to ‘Fix the UK’.  

Our Manifesto covers all aspects of running a county, and more, because we don’t want to just fix the country we want to make it a place were the individual will excel and the rest of the world looks on in envy.   

We are a technology party that is up to date with trends and evolving technologies. See our idea under ‘Digital UK’.

Join us today

If you’re interested in finding out more of what we hope to do, or even want to join our party, drop an email to NonPol ThinkTank 

We want to have as many candidates as possible in the next election. You don’t need to be a politician (it’s better if you are not), but a willingness to learn Project Management, which is the framework we run our manifesto on. Read our Manifesto to determine if you relate to our approach and if you like what you see become a member to day