Health & Medication


The UK is very lucky, we have the NHS, one of the best Health systems in the world. Covid showed that it was able to cope with a global pandemic with flying colours. The doctors, nurses and staff are dedicated hard working, loyal and caring staff and this model needs to continue. The NHS needs more investment and better pay for its workers. However, the financial model needs to change.  At NONPOL we would do the following:

  1. Buy a large pharmaceutical company so that all drugs are available at cost price and research and development can be prioritized by the NHS priorities, not corporate commercial factors.
  2. Where any hospital, surgery or procedures are necessary due to the individual’s negligence, such as accidents whilst drunk, conditions caused by obesity, self-harming, cosmetic corrective surgery and any other procedure that the patient had it within their control to prevent, the patient will pay back the cost of the procedure, similar to the student loan scheme. 
  3. Obesity is a major problem to the health of the country and a huge cost and burden to the health systemAdditionally large corporations are making a fortune off unhealthy food. We would declare war against the food industry and highly tax or even ban unhealthy and dangerous food.  Healthy eating would begin in schools and obese children will get support and help on healthy lifestyles.  School meals would become mandatory and would be balanced and healthy. Being healthy is much more important than learning geography or history. Parents with obese children would also be involved in the programme. A country with healthy people is happier, more prosperous and financially more stable.   
  4. Covid has shown how we can cope with patients remotely. We would set up a 24-hour support centre and use zoom, facetime and other mobile technologies to triage patients. This would take a lot of the stress off the health service. UK residents would see TV commercials on how to interact with these technologies. Not only by reducing stress on the health system but by addressing issued as soon as possible so that are quick and cheaper to deal with. 
  5. Like the RAC breakdown service there would be a quick response service, where patients pay a membership. If anyone in the household has an accident or health issue, a paramedic would be available to respond if the NHS ambulance could not be there quicker. This service would also include an app to alert when someone has had a fall or any of their vital signs have reduced. NONPOL will look for ways to be proactive rather than reactive.