Football Madness.

I am a huge football fan and previously a Premiership Season Ticket holder, but there is no way I will be attending a match in the near future. Even with both jabs and the booster you can still catch Omicron. Even if you are not ill, you can carry the virus back to your family, or to work or into the restaurant that night.  With over 1 million people watching football each week, seating together like sardines for 90 minutes and screaming and shouting, makes every professional football game a super spreader event.

Having a Covid passport is stupid; the virus can’t read.  Being fully vaxxed does not stop spreading the virus, it only says if you have the virus you are unlikely to die but you will definitely spread it. Like it or not, we need to follow China’s example and close the country for 2 weeks.  There should be a planned date, so that everybody can get their supplies in and then from that date a 24-hour curfew for 14 days. The borders would automatically close as all planes, trains and boats would stop running due to the curfew. Only ambulances, fire engines, emergency utility companies, military and police cars allowed on the road – instant on the spot £5,000 fine for those who are caught outdoors. Hospital staff and other critical areas should live in if they have all the facilities. Other critical services like 111 or doctor surgeries should all work on the phone from home. If we all think of a 14-day holiday at home under the duvet, we could rid this virus once and for all.

Is 14 days inside your house worse than another 18 months of uncertainty and fear? Most businesses can cope with being closed for 14 days, which is better than 3 or 4 partial lockdowns. When will somebody grow some balls and do the right thing?