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Covid aftermath - the vaccine injury denyers

Covid aftermath

Ivermectin was vilified, even though it is one of the most ‘safe and effect’ medicines ever produced. But if recognised, the emergency measures used to force the mRNA gene therapy quasi vaccines would be invalidated. The average age of people dying ‘OF’ Covid was 82 years old and the average survival rate of Covid is over 90%. However as Invermectin and Vitamin D, both known to reduce risks of Covid symptons, made no money for Big Pharma or could justify us being locked down. Instead we were lied to by experts because we were frightened and blindly trusted our governments. This is why every person in the UK needs to know that the World Health Organisation is try to enforce laws for them to enforce future vaccines They created the weapon of calling people ‘Anti-vaxxer’ , well we have a new weapon against them and it is called the ‘Vaccine Injury Denyers’. Fortunately, vaccines deaths and injuries can no longer be hidden, so guess why so many MPs are stepping down? They already know about the Vaccine Injury Pandemic we are suffering from and don’t want to face the rage of the public.