COP 26


Most people will agree COP26 has failed. Media commentary dictates that it’s not been far reaching enough and that the big players like Russia and China are not fully engaged. As usual, the media has it all wrong and, unfortunately, so do the major political leaders.The world is about to spiral into many years of spending trillions of dollars, all for nothing. Climate change is the new Y2K, but with budgets that will destroy many economies and split the world into the very rich and the very poor.Businesses will make billions from their green projects and virtual signalling, with the net result of guaranteed failure. Very few people have the foresight, courage, or wisdom to see this. We at NONPOL have the vision and courage to see this forthcoming economic catastrophe. We see billions of western dollars wasted on futile efforts to stop climate change, while china do very little. They will see western economies suffer while theirs grow.A decade ago, we called this current climate movement ‘Global Warming’ because everybody were convinced the planet was warming up, however, when science determined that the temperature of Earth has not risen more than 1 degree in 120 years, the virtue signallers changed the term to ‘ClimateChange’ because of how they believed weather has changed. They, of course, ignored the fact that hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods have always been with us and have been significantly worse in the past. We won’t be drawn into the Global Warming arguments as there are too many conflicting reports and people only seem to choose the ones that reinforce their opinion on the matter. Many people blame the burning of fossil fuels for the beginning of the what we now call Climate Change. They either don’t knowor choose to ignore the fact that without fossil fuels to burn, we would have just burnt trees, thereby killing the lungs of the planet and depriving humans of oxygen –far more dangerous than some bad weather. Fossil fuels have advanced human evolution in the last 200 years more than the previous 2000 years.Furthermore, without the global warming of this planet there would be no human life today and amazingly, in the past, this critical global warming was created by nature, not humans, as future global warming events may do. Regardless of the precautions and actions we take to reduce the human impact on climate change, natural causes will, without doubt, bring drastic changes to Earth’s climate in the future. In the next 50 years, we are going to have tohave to terraform Mars, thereby creating global warming so that humans can populate it.We are not going to get drawn into these arguments as many people don’t fully understand them. We are not conspiracy theorists and do not have the power or energy to take on the world media and the ‘Woke’ movement. There are always arguments for both sides and, while we argue, we are missing an opportunity.At NONPOL we have developed an argument that is neutral to any belief and finds a solution to all of them. However, if virtue signallers want a quick fix to their scare mongering, here is our short-term cheap fix.
We should look at reducing Methane rather than Carbon Dioxide, which is a stance many scientists agree with. The majority of Methane on our planet is created naturally, mostly by Bovine species, such as Cows, Wildebeest, Buffalo and Bison. If we removed these species, in the same way the British removed millions of cows because of the Mad Cow Disease scare, the impact to the environment would be instant andsignificant. Other natural sources of methane include wetland, termites, rice fields, anaerobic decomposition and many other processes. We are sure this approach would make the vegan and vegetarian movement rejoice, but they too have it wrong. It is not red meat that is the problem, only Bovine meat. Besides, in 10 years’ time, steak will be printed with protein printers.Instead of Bovine meat, there is the perfect substitute standing in front of us: the Equine species, such as Horse or Zebra. This meat is not only lean, healthier and tastier, but is freely available as millions of horses get slaughter per year and nearly a million Zebra run in the wild. Horse is already a common item on menus in France, Luxembourg and Belgium and we can confirm it has a great taste. Overnight, switching from beef steaks to Horse steaks would be more beneficial than turning off every car on the planet. But, of course, our Woke society and politically obtuse media will complain that we are killing our pets, racehorses and nice striped innocent creatures, so this approach will never work. COP26 has not been the disaster we think it has been, it is actually much worse. With China claiming they may be Carbon neutral by 2070, we could potentially wait 50 years to realise our fundamental errors from COP26. NONPOL wants to provide a solution that should have been proposed at COP26. A solution that can’t be logically attacked by any group, government or Greta. Not even the media could twist this. We will not take sides or try to convince individuals against their beliefs, be they misguided or not. Our solution to climate change makes so much sense that, if someone had had the balls to mentioned it at COP26, the direction and future of cop would change overnight. To see our solution, please watch the next video ‘How to Survive Climate Change’.