"COP26 Is Not the Disaster You Think It Is" - Research AND REFERENCES

1. Cost of COP26 and Climate Funding

Reference 1 – Final Report on Net Zero Strategy by HM Treasury

Reference 2 – Article by Concern Worldwide regarding the $100bn/year pledge

Reference 3 – Press Release by the Institute for Fiscal Studies

Reference 4 – Legal Briefing by Travers Smith regarding the 2021 Net Zero Strategy

Reference 5 – Transcript of Prince Charles’ speech at COP26

2. Use of 'Climate Change' Over 'Global Warming'

Reference 1 – Article by Energy and Capital detailing the change in terms

Reference 2 – NASA report on climate change vs global warming

Reference 3 – NASA article discussing change of terms

3. Fossil Fuels Contribution to Human Evolution

Reference 1 – Essay by National Vanguard regarding energy and Human evolution

Reference 2 – Research essay by Bartleby Research about the effect of CO2 on Human evolution

4. Role of Methane In Climate Change

Reference 1 – IEA (International Energy Agency) 2021 report on the effect of Methane relating to climate change

Reference 2 – Conserve Energy Future analysis of Methane’s effects, uses and sources

Reference 3 – ESSD (Earth System Science Data) Article – Global Methane Budget

Reference 4 – One Green Planet article comparing Methane to CO2

Reference 5 – CLEAR (Clarity and Leadership for Environmental Awareness and Research) article regarding cattle-caused methane

5. Horse Meat vs Bovine Meat

Reference 1 – Comparison of beef and horse meat by Foodstruct

Reference 2 – Article by The Guardian comparing sustainability of Horse meat vs beef

Reference 3 – Study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information comparing nutritional characteristics of beef and pork to Horse meat

Reference 4 – Article by Consume Less Life about lab-grown meat alternatives

Reference 5 – Study by Oxford Academic about horse meat production in Spain