Companies refuse to hire ‘unreliable’ young workers

An article on the BBC website (April 2023), says that our young workers are unreliable. Is this just another scaremongering article from the BBC or is it the truth? They base their article on a random review from ‘Shropshire Chamber of Commerce’, that global body that we make all our life decisions on. They even quote someone who has left this esteemed body, as an endorsement. They probably stole this article for a publication in Shropshire, which basically is lazy journalism or, when we were at school, plagiarism. What about the rest of the UK’s numerous other Chamber of Commerce’s, what is their position? Basically someone at the BEEB found something to support the narrative they want to peddle and decided not to explore the issue in details as it might not support the narrative, a common media trick. And the narrative? Government bashing of course. Notice they add no value to the article by saying how this could be addressed or fixed? So we can now use their poor article to peddle some NONPOL ideas, but at least we are being honest and at least we want to do something about it. We believe education has gone totally astray and we fear for our children’s futures. There is a fundamental reason for this, but unfortunately we can’t express this as it would hurt peoples feelings, which apparently is now deemed hate speech – ho hum. However, we do believe young people leave school not adequately prepared for the work place or even life, and they are stepping into the most challenging world that any young person has ever been ejected into. Our Economy Manifesto video has a segment called ‘Focused Education’ where we give some ideas on how to improve the future of our young workers when they leave school. We go into a lot more depth in our Education Manifesto for Schools and Universities on how we would build a focused and diligent workforce. Education is not for Christmas, it is for the rest of your life and also your families lives.; so lets get it right and build a proud generation and a vibrant Economy.

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