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Climate change - the real issue

Climate change

Nobody, especially the environmentalists, seems to be asking ‘What is the carbon footprint of war?’ People are too afraid to stand up to the Military Industrial Complex as it is too tough to beat. Instead, we bash the motorists and the western economy, while China commissions 2 coal powered reactors every month and have no interest in significantly reducing their carbon footprint for at least 50 years. China generates 45% of the globes carbon footprint (carbon dioxide), but again the environmentalist ignore them as they are too big a target. You have convinced the western governments that net zero is achievable and even useful. The UK contributes 1-2% of global greenhouse gases, so if we turn all our electricity and emissions off tomorrow, it will have a net zero effect. Instead, we are about to tank our economies, strangle the motorist, introduce 15-minute cities (aka communism) and limit air travel, while China bides their time and in 40 years take control of the world economy. Also, most of you don’t know that of our atmosphere only 0.04% is made up of carbon dioxide. The planet needs 0.02% for plant life to survive. So, get off your high horses and stop your accusation screaming; instead get educated and challenge the real enemies to climate change, China, and the Military Industrial complex. You will even notice that the by product of stopping wars to reduce carbon footprint, saves millions of lives.