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Middle East Crisis

Of course, there is no simple answer to the Israel – Palestine situation and just attempting to talk about it will inflame many factions and the discussions alone could lead to additional violence; but we can’t bury our heads in the sand and hope it goes away or allow for thousands of innocent people to […]

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Wagner v Putin

Two old men fighting for power and their legacy, but what the cost to life. Putin flies out of Moscow as Wagner approaches, but then Wagner steps down after some secret lucrative deal? Where are the real warriors? Not Biden. Not Sunak. Not Macron. Warrior statesmen are no longer made of tactical minds and military

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Titanic Sub Tragedy

What a dreadful loss of life. I am sure the industry will improve controls and protocols after this tragedy and the following investigation. NONPOL admires and encourages explorers and people pushing the envelope, HOWEVER, we would like the insurance industry to step up to the mark. The cost of the search and rescue mission costs

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Party gate

What a noise! Everybody seems to want to stand up now and throw stones at Boris. At NONPOL we are not Politician bashers. We have enough to do to run our own party to care about the state or actions of other parties and their members. We believe the individual is sacred and free to

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