First UK Non-Political Party

We are looking for candidates to join NONPOL - See the video to learn more

NONPOL are looking for candidates to stand for them at the next election. However, we are not looking for politicians. We will not expect you to run your own campaign.  All you will need to do is help promote the NONPOL ethos and approach. People tend to vote for ideas not the individual. A staunch labour supporter will vote for their local labour candidates no matter who it is. That is human nature. We want to use this approach to change the whole political landscape and get elected through original and fresh ideas rather than individuals.  We are a team, not a group of individuals and support each other as a single entity. If you stand for NONPOL you will have the concepts, ideas and collateral behind you, as clearly displayed on the website. You will not be hounded by the press nor put under the microscope; that is for politicians who crave power. We will be a silent team of professionals that will work as project managers, both for the constituency and for the country. Zero politics and zero corruption. Which is why we want normal honest people who work hard and want to make a difference. We want to fix things behind the scenes without the fanfare and dogfight with mainstream media. It is local councilors that resolve the local issues. It is the MP that helps shape the country and its future.

MP technically stands for ‘Member of Parliament’, but in reality, it has become ‘Member of Politics’. NONPOL want to go back to the respected Members of Parliament approach and to use the pure form of politics, namely ‘the science of governing a country and its people to everyone’s advantage’. We want to fix not just the country but everyone in it.

During the election campaign everybody will be bombarded with pictures of smiling people hoping to convince you to vote for them. Each lamppost will have a contrived candidate’s image to make you feel safe to vote for them. NONPOL is very different. We think this image campaign is old fashioned, ineffective and patronizing. We are not selling people; we are selling ideas and concepts as well as thought-out and radical manifestos. We are selling ‘Up Politics’.  Join us and we will train you as a Project Manager and a NONPOL promoter, not as a politician. You are never too young to run for NONPOL; the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.

If you want to help fix Britain without being a politician, come and join us at NONPOL. It all starts with a simple email to